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By 2016, progressives and Democrats had lost both houses of the U.S. Congress, the presidency and control of 2/3rds of state legislatures. We're working with organizations in the progressive ecosystem to reverse this trend.



NPCRC provides strategic resources that progressive causes and Democratic candidates need to win

The NPCRC is a nonprofit political organization launched in January 2018. We provide support at zero- or low-cost to those we help. 

The kinds of support we provide is based on an assessment that included interviews with candidates and campaign managers and review of services provided by various progressive organizations. 

NPCRC Focus for 2018-20: Message Development

Our decision to fortify candidates' message development capabilities was based on our 2017 assessment. This assessment revealed two key opportunities.

1. The first was creating awareness of what message development is. Message development is misunderstood and under-utilized by the vast majority of progressives. Yet, it has been used successfully by Republican candidates and most for-profit organizations for decades.

2. The second opportunity was to fill the message development capability gap in the progressive ecosystem. 

Messaging challenges continue to make headlines





The NPCRC team consists of accomplished campaign marketing and strategy professionals. We've helped more than 40 PACs, nonprofits and Fortune 500 firms measurably increase constituent support.

Our recommendations are based on research, marketing expertise, processes, tools and facts. The results we help campaigns achieve are measurable and repeatable.

Our 2018 Launch 

Within six weeks of launch, NPCRC developed a large following on social media and was getting endorsements by a growing list of candidates and organizations.

Our plan for the future

We are expanding our resources, which address a range of communications topics. Check out our resources page. We are also building awareness of these resources through a burgeoning outreach effort.

Amplifying progressives' and Democrats' influence nationally

As a movement, we have a lot of room to build our messaging capability. It starts with knowing what effective messaging looks like.

- Effective messaging is different than a policy. It's a rigorous, ethical, repeatable process for getting more voters to do something.

- Effective messaging is cost-effective, enabling campaigns to convert more voters with the same level of campaign funds.

NPCRC helps not just one cause or candidate, but thousands. Please join us on this mission.


Let's help progressives and Democrats win in 2018 and 2020.


The NPCRC is the leading nonprofit meeting progressives' needs for expert messaging support.