Axios Reports on Dems' Messaging Woes

Axios Reports on Dems' Messaging Woes

Alexi McCammond of Axios reports that recently leaked DCCC messaging memos are deepening the rift between progressives and Dems. That's increasing the risk of 'Blue Wave 2018' becoming a minor ripple.

Not intending to make a big deal out of last week's memo about a DCCC "friendly fire" attack on a Democratic candidate in Texas, I had relegated my commentary about that incident to one lone tweet.

The NPCRC isn't here to poke at the DCCC or anyone else. In fact, we're bending over backwards to repair bridges between the progressive wing and more moderate party.


We at the NPCRC are tasked daily, in every conversation with progressives and Dems, to clarify the need and our intent to vastly improve the effectiveness of campaign messaging on left.

This is a case in point.

Unlike the Republican messaging machine, which has been well-tuned over years and is effective enough to remove Democratic lawmakers from majorities in two thirds of state legislatures and all branches in D.C., Democrats' messaging process appears to mostly consist of firing from the hip.

Ms. McCammond describes three leaked memos from the DCCC that "could hurt Democrats' changes at taking back the House" by creating rifts between progressives biting at the bit and the Democratic establishment pulling back on the reigns.

Memo #1: Candidates shouldn't align with single payer. 

In all fairness, the term 'single payer' doesn't connote much value to disengaged voters, and I'd like to see the label changed to something more compelling. That's for another post. Depending on the poll, 48% to nearly 60% of Americans actually do want single payer.

Memo #2: After the Las Vegas shooting, the DCCC advised candidates to "offer thoughts and prayers". 

Memo #3: After the Parkland school shooting, "'s OK to express your thoughts and prayers...There will be a time for politics, but we are still understanding what happened here."

Individually, each of these memos could have resulted from simple errors or bad timing and could be forgiven.

Collectively, and in the context of damaged relationships between Democrats and progressives, these memos further corrode the coalitions that are necessary to win the House back from Republicans in 2018.

From where we sit, messaging on the left needs to prioritize forging solidarity within our own ranks and following through with changes that build trust within. There's a huge messaging, critical

Who's else is making it happen?

Read Ms. McCammond's Axios article here.


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