Amazon, New York: Life is Not a Math Problem

New York state senator, Michael Gianaris, the guy at the center of Amazon's bailing on Long Island City, got pounded in a game of whack-a-mole by a host on CNBC, but only after Gianaris assured that he’d be popping out of the same ever-deepening hole for the remainder of the interview. 

He and other progressive dems need to learn this: Life is not a math problem.


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March for Our Lives, and Why the Stakes Just Got Higher

Thousands are shouting, waving our arms, signaling our need to march not only for gun control, but to save our democracy as well.


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Our Democracy's Tragic Need for Triumphant Parkland Students

Emma Gonzalez, 18. David Hogg, 17. Sarah Chadwick, 17. These are some of the teenagers leading the renewed gun control movement. The cost of their leadership was their childhoods, which were abruptly, cruelly snatched from them in the Parkland school shooting.

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