The NPCRC fills a critical need in the progressive-Democratic ecosystem for expert no- or low-cost message development support for down-ballot candidates. Below are the resources we have launched so far. More are planned.


MESSAGING TO WIN Training Series

You could make your next 1,000 door-knocks a lot more effective.

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Sample Messaging to WIN Videos:

It's Not Your Father's ElectorateProgressive_women_running_for_office.jpg

Progressive Democrats are a minority. Voter distrust is at 30-year highs. Progressives who learn how to overcome these challenges are building winning coalitions.   

Learn Their Language

Americans across the political spectrum no longer speak the same languages. Candidates who learn to speak the languages of coalition partners win elections. This session shows you how. 

How Voters Brains Work: Getting Attention

We are hard-wired to filter out campaign messages. This session explains the neuroscience of attention. It shows you how to break through with memorable, influential messages.  

Building Your Campaign's Digital Messaging Engine:

"Parts List & Assembly Instructions" 

For progressives who are not software developers, this session shows how websites, social media, email, autoresponders and other digital tools can work together in your campaign. This shows an example of a digital campaign architecture and helps you build the digital messaging engine that's best for you. 


Strategy.jpg2018 State House Candidates Strategy Group

This group provides affordable, advanced strategic and technical support for candidates seeking state house representative or senate seats in 2018.To join, email us.


Messaging_Lab.jpgMessage Development Lab

This is available to candidates and activists. The expertise, processes and tools for you to develop highly influential communications are provided by NPCRC certified partners. Discounts up to 50% on services are provided only to NPCRC members. To learn more, email us.



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