State of the Union 2018

State of the Union 2018

I want to talk about Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech tonight and what you can do…tonight…to resist against Trump and the GOP’s regressive policies.

We know what to expect tonight. The Donald, reading aloud about accomplishments he falsely takes credit for and policies he doesn’t understand in a speech laden with dog whistle white nationalist phrases that play to 35% of voters who support him.

As you watch, keep in mind that you can amplify your voice…tonight… with an organization that is helping progressive Democratic candidates win 100,000 federal, state and local election contests.

You are resisting against Trump’s bigoted, ignorant bloviating perspective on the state of our union. And, you can amplify your voice of resistance with a very simple act.

That act is this…

Tell your social media followers about the National Progressive Campaign Resource Center.

We’re turning the Blue Wave into a multi-year tsunami. Our campaign strategy support is free to progressive candidates and causes in every state at all levels of government.

By getting the word out, you can take some satisfaction that you’re putting an expiration date on Trump’s presidency and GOP control of our government.

Together, we will take back control of the state of our union.


Jay Sherman, Executive Director


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