Our Democracy's Tragic Need for Triumphant Parkland Students

Our Democracy's Tragic Need for Triumphant Parkland Students

Emma Gonzalez, 18. David Hogg, 17. Sarah Chadwick, 17. These are some of the teenagers leading the renewed gun control movement. The cost of their leadership was their childhoods, which were abruptly, cruelly snatched from them in the Parkland school shooting.

Even as I’ve marveled at their intelligence, poise and media savvy these last few weeks, I have also been saddened that our country has tacitly, by ineffective action, created the conditions by which these children feel obliged to assume adult roles for gun control advocacy.  

Progressive Democrats have a decades-long history advocating for gun control. The problem is that advocating for any single cause, whether racial equality, women’s reproductive rights, equal pay, environmental protection or any other progressive causes, can be futile unless there are progressives in power who are listening and empowered to pass supporting legislation.

We and our children are in a war started by the GOP. And, we must come to terms with results that show that the GOP has been winning this war--until now.

I spoke about this with Greg Schultz this week. Greg is a former assistant to President Obama and is the current Executive Director of Joe Biden’s PAC. Greg reinforced something I’ve heard before—that Republicans have built a much stronger bench of candidates over the last 30 years than Democrats. These rising candidates have helped the GOP take control in two-thirds of state legislatures as well as Washington.

George Lakoff, a Berkeley linguistics professor who’s written extensively on Democratic messaging makes the point that Republican politicians  often graduate from business schools, where they learn how to sell ideas in marketing courses. Whereas, more Democrats graduate from liberal arts colleges where they learn to generate new ideas, but little about how to sell them. 

The NPCRC addresses both weaknesses in the current Democratic ecosystem: lack of bench depth and ineffective messaging.

At the NPCRC we are seasoned professionals with messaging methods that have been proven in the world of business and politics. The goal of our non-profit is to make expert strategic support accessible and affordable to all progressives and Democrats candidates, whether running for a seat in Congress or on the school board.

This is the foundation of the NPCRC.

We stand for progressive values. We stand for common sense gun control.

We’re here to see that progressive Democratic candidates get elected in every district, county and state. 

We do this for a safer and better country for our children.

Thanks for your support.

Jay Sherman, Executive Director

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